International Center for Contemporary Turkish Studies

International Center for Contemporary Turkish Studies

Who we are

The International Center for Contemporary Turkish Studies – ICCT, based in Milan (Italy), is an independent non-profit research Center. We have no affiliations or links with governments or political parties. ICCT aims at acquiring scholarly and policy-oriented multidisciplinary research on contemporary Turkey. This multidisciplinary approach considers historical, political, socio-economic and cultural aspects in order to elaborate wide-ranging analyses which can contribute significantly to the understanding of the articulated and mobile dynamics of contemporary Turkey and its regional partners.

Its unique strategic and geopolitical position makes Turkey one of today’s most interesting case studies in international relations. The long and complex relationship between Turkey and the European Community/European Union is a crucial component of the discussion and analysis promoted by the Center. One of the Center’s main aims is to improve the link between Turkish and European civil societies on crucial topics such as human rights, migration policies, economic relations and cultural issues.

ICCT’s scientific interests are also focused on Turkey’s links with key areas such as the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Wider Black Sea, the Caucasus and Africa. The Center also monitors Turkish relations with the USA, Russia and China.

Our mission includes the following:

• To promote frequent, challenging high-level meetings, seminars, conferences and publications, thanks to the participation and active involvement of experts from the worlds of academia, journalism, culture, politics and business.

• To create international academic networks and joint projects involving think tanks and civil society organizations, in order to enhance and improve the dialogue between Turkey and its regional partners, and between Turkey and the European Union. The International Center for Contemporary Turkish Studies sees itself as a laboratory for innovation and for the promotion of a rich interdisciplinary debate providing an opportunity for exchanging and sharing ideas and projects.